Baby Swim Lessons

We pride ourselves on our baby swim lessons!

Developed right here at Splash, our baby programs ensure you and your baby are comfortable in the water. Our instructors will guide you in the correct ways to teach your little one to move about in the water.

With 3 different babies levels, we are able to teach babies from as young as 8 weeks right up until they are toddlers and ready to swim on their own with an instructor. Filled with fun songs, dancing and visual stimulation, we guarantee your baby will have fun, and you might too!


In our very first level level, our instructors will help parents to become comfortable with teaching their children. The main aim of this level is to introduce the both the parent and the child to swimming lessons. Activities include a breath control exercise, and moving the baby on top of the water. Submersions are not taught in this level.

  • From 8 weeks of age.
  • 25 minute class.
  • Introduction to water.
  • Water Familiarisation.
  • Breath Control.
  • Basic Movement.

Babies 1

In this level, our instructors will help parents to teach their children to be comfortable in the water. We start to teach the children how to swim with their eyes down, how to kick through the water, and how to float on their back. We also teach the children important safety skills, such as grabbing, holding onto a wall/person, and turning around underwater. 

  • 30 minute class.
  • Water Familiarisation.
  • Breath Control.
  • Water Confidence.
  • Body Positioning.
  • Basic Kicking.
  • Basic Floating.
  • Water Safety Exercises.

Babies 2

When children reach this level, they will be ready to learn how to swim independently. That said, parents still need to be in the water to help teach their child. There is a greater emphasis on the children completing activities and safety skills in the lesson by themselves, such as jumping to their parent, kicking, grabbing, and monkeys.

  • 30 minute class.
  • Breath Control.
  • Water Confidence.
  • Body Positioning.
  • Independent Kicking.
  • Floating.
  • Water Safety Exercises.

After completing our Babies program, your child should be ready to begin swimming independently in our Learn to Swim program levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

We sure do! Our babies lessons are free for infants up to 8 months of age.

Our Babies program begins at 8 weeks of age. The reasons for waiting are to allow a medical history to develop, allow the infant’s immune system to strengthen and allow bonding to occur with the primary caretaker.

We’ll always find a time that works for you, so give us a call! We can guide you through our current lesson times and availability, and help you to find a day and time that best fits in with your routine.

Yes we do! Just let us know before your lesson if your child isn’t attending their scheduled lesson, and you can do a make-up lesson later on in that block.

We sure do! We only break for Christmas and public holidays.

During this early stage, children will feel much more comfortable in the water with their parents/caregivers present. In order to teach your child skills such as submerging underwater and kicking, some manipulation of your child’s movements is required. It is best that this is done by a parent/caregiver, rather than someone new. It will also help their social and emotional development. Some studies have shown that baby swimming lessons can strengthen the bond between you and your child.

If your child isn’t toilet trained, it is compulsory that they wear a swimming nappy whilst in the pool. If you forget your disposable swimming nappy, we have some available for purchase at the counter for $2.50. Or why not save money and help the environment by purchasing a washable swim nappy. We have them in boys and girls styles for $25.

Along with your normal swimwear, we ask parents/caregivers to wear a shirt of some type for their baby’s lesson. We want the baby to learn to reach and grab, which is easier for them to do if their parent has a shirt on.

No. The skills and behaviours that are taught in lessons need constant reinforcement throughout the year. The risks posed by drowning don’t go away in the cooler parts of the year, and neither should swimming lessons. Continuing lessons over winter also helps to build and reinforce existing swimming skills. This is particularly true with children under 5 years whose long-term skill retention and muscle memory are just beginning to develop. A break in lessons that stretches over many months will often result in a loss of skills.

Our pools are maintained at 32 degrees throughout the year, so even when it is cool outside, it is a comfortable, year-round, summer experience inside. With a little extra attention, such as keeping children warm and drying them off well when they leave the pool, swimming will stay comfortable and beneficial all year.  Watch this video to find out more about swimming over winter.

Each child is different, so there’s not a specific answer to this question. However, there are things you can do to speed up their progress, such as having a second lesson each week, continuing swimming lessons all year round, or intensive lessons over school holidays. We have written an article about making the most of the learn to swim process, which you can read here.

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