Learn To Swim Lessons

In our Learn To Swim lessons, “It’s not the distance that you go, it’s the technique that you show.”

Our unique learn to swim program has been designed right here at Splash. Having staff who specialise from babies right through to silver license coaches means our program gives children the best opportunity to progress their swimming skills quickly and efficiently.

In all of our levels we emphasise excellent body position and strong kicking before learning their arms, breathing and other strokes progressively. As our swim school philosophy states, we focus primarily on swimming technique. With excellent technique, swimming greater distances comes more easily. The success of our program is evident in the number of very young swimmers (aged as young as 5) we have progressing through to our squads.

For more information on class times, please give us a call and we can help you find a time that suits you!


This is the first level in our program where children swim independently without their parents. Children must be a minimum of 2½ years of age before they can enter our Starfish classes.

  • 3 children per class.
  • 30 minute lesson.
  • Strong kicking on a board.
  • ‘Streamline’ body position.
  • Developing independence in swimming.
  • Floating.
  • Water Safety.

Rainbow Fish

In our Rainbow Fish classes, the basics of Freestyle and Backstroke are introduced. There is an emphasis on the children maintaining a ‘streamline’ body position independently.

  • 4 children per class.
  • 30 minute lesson.
  • Kicking on front using Oncores.
  • Gliding in streamline.
  • Freestyle arms with and without a kickboard.
  • Kicking on back using Oncores.
  • Sculling (Clap & Push).


In our Platypus classes, breathing to the side in Freestyle is introduced. There is also an emphasis on strong kicking on the front and back, as well as good arm technique. 

  • 4 children per class.
  • 30 minute lesson.
  • Basic Breathing Drills for Freestyle.
  • Incorporating breathing into Freestyle (with and without a kickboard).
  • Backstroke arms with a kickboard.
  • Somersaults in the water.


Once the swimmers are able to breathe in Freestyle independently, they are moved into our Octopus classes. The swimmers will learn new drills in order to strengthen their technique in both Freestyle and Backstroke. Swimmers at this level will swim ½ of the length of the pool. Children in our Octopus classes are encouraged to participate in our Race Nights, Macca’s Mini Meet, and Rocky City Swimming Club Nights.

  • 4 children per class.
  • 30 minute lesson.
  • Fine tuning of freestyle arms. 
  • Breathing unassisted.
  • Oncore drills.
  • Backstroke arms without a kickboard.
  • Race diving.
  • Tumble turning.
  • More advanced sculling.


In our Stingray classes, the swimmers will work on some basic skills that are necessary to participate in squad swimming. Swimmers at this level will swim ¾ of the length of the pool. Children in our Stingray classes are strongly encouraged to participate in our Race Nights, Macca’s Mini Meet, and Rocky City Swimming Club Nights.

  • 4 children per class.
  • 30 minute lesson.
  • Streamline starts.
  • Streamline freestyle with bilateral breathing.
  • Streamline backstroke.
  • Improved sculling.
  • Improved diving.
  • Improved tumble turns.
  • Butterfly kick.


In our Frog classes, swimmers will start to swim the full length of the pool with great technique in both Freestyle and Backstroke. They will also begin to learn the basics of Breaststroke kick and strengthen their Butterfly kick. Children in our Frog classes are strongly encouraged to participate in our Race Nights, Macca’s Mini Meet, and Rocky City Swimming Club Nights.

  • 5 children per class.
  • 30 minute class.
  • Breaststroke kick.
  • Improved Butterfly kick.
  • Turns for Backstroke.
  • Swim streamline Freestyle and Backstroke for one full lap of the pool.
  • Basic principles of squad swimming.
  • Sculling the full length of the pool.


In our Seal classes, swimmer’s will fine tune all aspects of the four swimming strokes. They will learn arms for Butterfly and Breaststroke, as well as more complex drills for all four strokes. Swimmers will also start swimming ‘repeats’ for multiple laps at a time. Children in our Seal classes are strongly encouraged to participate in our Race Nights, Macca’s Mini Meet, and Rocky City Swimming Club Nights.

  • 10 children per class.
  • 60 minute class.
  • Breaststroke arms.
  • Butterfly arms.
  • Individual Medley.
  • Advanced drills for all strokes.
  • Fine tune Touch turns.
  • Fine tune Tumble turns.
  • Principles of Squad Swimming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Starfish classes are limited to 3 children, our Rainbow Fish through to our Stingray classes are limited to 4 children, our Frog classes are limited to 5 children, and our Seal (mini squad) classes are capped at 10. This allows each child to be given close attention and guidance in any class. We also have twins and one-on-one classes available.

We’ll always find a time that works for you, so give us a call! We can guide you through our current lesson times and availability, and help you to find a day and time that best fits in with your routine.

Yes we do! Just let us know before your lesson if your child isn’t attending their scheduled lesson, and you can do a make-up lesson later on in that block.

If your child isn’t toilet trained, it is compulsory that they wear a swimming nappy whilst in the pool. If you forget your disposable swimming nappy, we have some available for purchase at the counter for $2.50. Or why not save money and help the environment by purchasing a washable swim nappy. We have them in boys and girls styles for $25.

Yes. Caps keep your child’s hair out of their face. Caps will also help prevent hair clogging up the pool’s filtration system, making the pool cleaner.

Goggles aren’t compulsory, so this is completely up to you and your child. Some children feel more comfortable swimming with goggles than without. However, if your child falls into the water by accident, they may not be wearing goggles at the time. It is crucial that they are able to put their eyes in the water and swim to safety. This is why we don’t use goggles for some exercises in our lessons. If you want to find out more about goggles and learn-to-swim, we have written an article which you can read here.

We sure do! We only break for Christmas and public holidays.

No. The skills and behaviours that are taught in lessons need constant reinforcement throughout the year. The risks posed by drowning don’t go away in the cooler parts of the year, and neither should swimming lessons. Continuing lessons over winter also helps to build and reinforce existing swimming skills. This is particularly true with children under 5 years whose long-term skill retention and muscle memory are just beginning to develop. A break in lessons that stretches over many months will often result in a loss of skills.

Our pools are maintained at 32 degrees throughout the year, so even when it is cool outside, it is a comfortable, year-round, summer experience inside. With a little extra attention, such as keeping children warm and drying them off well when they leave the pool, swimming will stay comfortable and beneficial all year.  Watch this video to find out more about swimming over winter.

Each child is different, so there’s not a specific answer to this question. However, there are things you can do to speed up their progress, such as having a second lesson each week, continuing swimming lessons all year round, or intensive lessons over school holidays. We have written an article about making the most of the learn to swim process, which you can read here.

At Splash-A-Bout Swim School, we focus on technique rather than distance swum. A child that can swim with good technique is much safer in the water than a child without it. Good technique leads to an efficient swimming stroke, which in the long run will help them to swim further and faster. We have written an article about the benefits of focusing on technique rather than distance swum, which you can read here.

That’s great! Have you considered competitive swimming? Splash-A-Bout Swim School is affiliated with Rocky City Swimming Club, which provides a pathway for our swimmers to transition from learn-to-swim to the swim club environment. Splash-A-Bout’s Owner and Program Director is the head coach of Rocky City, and three of our teachers are assistant coaches at the club. We also run club nights fortnightly over winter so that our swimmers can practice the race skills they learn during their lessons. You can find out more about Rocky City Swimming Club and our Race Nights by following the links.

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