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We are a locally owned swim school that strives to establish a skill for life. We have been delivering our advanced learn to swim programs to the Rockhampton community for over 15 years. 

Our aim is to teach the fundamentals of swimming in an enjoyable and safe environment. We believe that learning to swim is not about how far someone can swim, but it is about the technique that they show. This helps to create safer and more efficient swimmers. We work with our swimmers to understand their needs and what helps them to learn. Our dedicated staff are committed to helping each swimmer reach their full potential. 

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What We Do

Baby Swim Lessons
We pride ourselves on our baby swim lessons! Developed right here at Splash, our baby programs ensure you and your baby are comfortable in the water.
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Learn To Swim Lessons
“It’s not the distance that you go, it’s the technique that you show". Our unique learn to swim program has been designed right here at Splash.
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Adult Swimming
We offer a range of adult swimming programs, including Swimming Lessons, Aqua Aerobics, and Swim Fit. There is a program for for everyone!
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Race Nights
Most swim schools just teach children to learn to swim, but it’s common knowledge that if a child enjoys what they learn, they are likely to learn at a faster rate. That's why we run Race Nights for our swimmers.
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Rocky City Swimming Club
We are proud to partner with Rocky City Swimming Club to provide a pathway for our swimmers to enter competitive swimming if they choose to.
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Party at Splash
Do you need to plan a kids party soon? Are you thinking of a venue where you can escape the weather outside? We have the perfect place for you!
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